Tickle Tickle draws its inspiration from our ancient heritage and our beloved mother nature. We like to create clothes that can be used through generations of little ones, being passed down through families as gifted heirlooms; and may be even donated!

Each of our collection is made from pure organic fabric that can be worn all season. Our colors have been derived from naturally colored cotton or through herbs that have beneficial properties.

Herbal Colors

Our Little Elly range of sleepsuits, bodysuits and accessories are made from cotton infused with various herbs such as Turmeric, Harda (Black Myrobalan), Neem, Tamarind and Sea Salt. The concept of herbal textiles has been derived from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian method of Vedic healthcare used to treat various health issues.



Natural colored cotton

Our Nature’s Baby collection is made from organic cotton that is naturally bred in green and tan color and is a very soft fiber with a matte appearance. The colors are not dyed hence it gets richer with washing and it only darkens with time. NO Fading here!


We don't believe colors have a gender, all our clothes have a soothing pallet and are gender neutral.