Shop our collection of value packs at great value.These soft, comfortable little organic mittens will help prevent your newborn from scratching themselves. Soft encased elastic at the wrist ensures they stay won't fall off as baby sleeps.

Lil' Tickle's Pack of 3 Mittens

    • Value Pack of 3 Mittens ( Great Savings !!)
    • 100% organic interlock cotton
    • Undyed natural colors, no dyes at all.
    • Soft encased elastic at the wrist
    • Finger safe design to prevent loose threads from wrapping round tiny fingers


  • Due to our clothes being 100% organic and the absence of chemical coating, please take extra care of your garments.


    • Wash at medium temperature (30 degree)
    • Use Mild Detergents only
    • Dry in shade
    • Do not bleach or scrub
    • Avoid contact with citric substances
    • Shrinkage rate of 6% - because all of our products are free of chemical finishes, we accommodate for shrinkage with a little extra room.