Cotton makes 50 percent of the world’s fiber needs. Traditionally, in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand the process of cultivation uses a lot of pesticides and GMO (Genetically Modified Seeds) causing a huge environmental impact and presents health risks for those working around it.

These chemicals are present in large quantities in the clothing you wear, the sheets you sleep on, the diapers you put on your baby and even some of the food you eat. (containing seed oil)

Organic Cotton is cotton grown safely and processed without toxic dyes and finishing materials. Globally certified bodies such as Global Organic Textile Standards and OEKO-TEX ® ensure that the farmlands grow cotton without toxic substances and follow stringent standards in water consumption, wastage reduction and fair wages to our hardworking farmers.


We at Tickle Tickle have and will always use 100% certified organic cotton. When you purchase our products you will be buying clothes, where no harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde or dangerous dyes are used.


This means our organic clothes are softer and better for babies and kids particularly those with allergies or eczema. Finally because our cotton has not been broken down with chemicals, our clothing will last much longer and always wash incredibly well.