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Easy, Economical & Sustainable Bathroom swaps.


Change isn’t always easy but sometimes it’s the only way forward!

What do you start with, when you want to swap out the plastic in your bathroom?

I started more than a year ago to consciously remove #singleuseplastic and switch to more sustainable options in my bathroom. It’s a journey and once you start, there is no looking back.

When you do make the switch, you will question - why didn’t you do this earlier?

Our ancestors would have never imagined, that on an average an individual consumes 11 bath wash bottles and around 10 shampoo bottles in a year. These are not just one of the biggest waste producing industries but are also one of the highest plastic consumption industries.

Making these little changes not only saves you money but makes you feel so connected with your contribution to the environment.

I have categorized them in two buckets - Easy and Challenging for you to choose from.

Easy: Quick Wins

  • Bath Wash: Unlike earlier, bath soaps today have transformed. They smell divine, come in various shapes and sizes. In addition, the ones that are made with natural ingredients are great for the skin and last so much longer.

Brands we have used @Sister.cassia now @puresaante @Khadi Organics

  • Toothbrush: 90 billion of these get thrown away annually!! Low-cost bamboo toothbrush and bristle options are available which are way more durable (and not made of plastic.)

Brands: @Alifi and plenty of options on Amazon

  • Reusable make up removal pad: Again, super easy. I use the @lush reusable make up removal bar that can be used for upto 50 washes. There are lots of reusable make up pad choices that are out there in the market.

Brands: @lushcosmetics (reusable make up remover soap)

  • Loofah: Natural fiber loofah made from vegetable gourd is brilliant to exfoliate your skin without the need of additional micro beans. Easily available locally on Amazon and other organic stores.

Brand: Turki from India, but there are plenty available here in UAE

  • Deodorants: It may surprise you, but there are so many #zerowaste deodrants in the market. I use a brand from India where the packaging is also made from card roll.

Brand: Juicy Chemistry and Sukin


  • Shampoo: This took me a while. Finding the right shampoo bar for my hair texture was a task, but once I zeroed in on a brand, there was no looking back. I got it at a stall at Ripe Market (reminds me - its time to restock!)

Brand: @PureSaante

  • Conditioner: For a conditioner I use a simple Apple Cider wash (AVC) after every shampoo. I use my hair product and serum to keep it soft (can’t seem to let go of that)

Next Steps:

I still find certain items challenging like the toothpaste and can’t seem to make that switch easily. Need to get off liking the extra flavors !

The above may seem a lot, hence you need to do this gradually. Only replace once you use up your existing products. (you will be defeating the purpose ;) )

Making these swaps are not just good for the environment but also for you, as its natural, free from chemicals and other synthetic materials.

Remember, a zero-waste bathroom doesn’t materialize overnight. It’s small incremental steps that will become good habits before you know it.


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