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Keeping your child engaged ‘with’ nature!

Over the last couple of months, we have been spending a lot of time indoors (weather not helping) and I don’t know about you, but we have been running short on ideas to keep the little tickle engaged.

Buying new toys or new supplies isn’t the most economical option every time plus, it’s just a matter of time that the novelty of the new toy vanishes and its back in the bundle of wasted plastic.

Our family is consciously trying to reduce our plastic consumption and toys form a big part of plastic waste!


This month our favorite was curating a Nature's Mandela Art!

Things you would need:

1.Basket to collect material

2.Sticks (long and short), flowers, leaves (different kinds), pebbles or stones if you would like to add more variety.

Ask you child to sort the materials as per the items collected.

Draw a rough design and explain it to your child.

Let them use their imagination to come up with a pattern (for older kids).

This activity should keep them engaged for roughly 45 minutes at zero cost. Plus, it would get them more curious about nature!

P.S. Collect items fallen from trees or other used items lying around your house.


We have also listed below a few more activities that we have done with the little tickle and it’s been a great success. You could do this over the new few weeks as they don’t need much preparation.

Tips that help: Always save on empty toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, small boxes, egg covers, ribbons from old gift wraps etc., they come handy!

1. Create a picnic theme, bring out the plates and cups they love playing with and add few of their fav snacks coupled with book to read and your good to go for an hour.

2. Use vegetables scraps to get DIY food colors for a coloring activity (Use, beet tops, carrots, black grapes, turmeric).

3. Kids love fancy dress - Create a fancy-dress box of their favorite outfits or costumes and let them recite anything that makes them happy.

4. DIY wrapping paper - Use brown craft paper, and discarded portions of veggies to create cute designs that will bring out your littles creativity.

5. Treasure Hunt - Who doesn’t love finding hidden treasures, for the older ones create clues and for the younger ones, just give them things they need to search around the house and bring them to you.

6. DIY Coloring puzzle- Don’t discard the old colored pages in a coloring book, they come in use for the toddlers in a DIY puzzle format. Cut out large pieces in geometric shapes and let them piece it together.

7. Collect beach shells and some stones and give them to paint, they look gorgeous in your plant pots too

Enjoy and have a happy eco weekend!


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