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Sweet and Safe Dreams are made of these...

Babies are cocooned in a mother’s womb for more than 9 months; they are learning to adjust to the outside world and hence they still need the warm and feeling of security they had inside.

Using a blanket at nap and sleep time to keep them warm is not just unsafe with the fear of it covering their face, it doesn’t also give the baby a sense of cosines and security.

Studies have suggested using #sleepingbags leads to longer and better sleep patterns for children.

Making a sleeping bag part of your babies sleep routine is one the safest and easiest ways to help them self soothe and drift off to sleep. Its also the right transition from a traditional swaddle they were used as newborns. Many parents overtime including us found our little ones sleeping better with a sleeping bag.

The benefits of using a baby sleeping bag or #wearableblanket are; that your baby won’t throw off their covers in the middle of the night(which can wake them up), they also help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID’s) sometimes referred to as “cot death” as your baby is less likely to overheat , the bag also prevents their legs getting caught in the cot bars too.

There are certain factors that you need to bear in mind which choosing the right sleeping bag for your little one;

  • It should be comfort fit and not snug, giving enough room for movement and wriggle. Its not a swaddle and does not need to be tightly worn.

  • The right time to switch from a swaddle to a sleeping bag would be when your baby can turn. Our organic cotton bags start from 3 months onwards for early starters.

  • Choosing the right TOG (measure of thermal insulance) is important however you can choose to use the same tog bag throughout all seasons and layer your baby more or less depending on the room temperature.

This prevents overheating and switching bags for every season. A general way to know whether your little one is too warm, is by touching his tummy or if his hands are too warm.

Our Nap a Lil’ Collection are all made in just 1.0 TOG which is thick enough and just right for all seasons. It’s the right TOG which allows you to layer the baby to stay comfortable throughout the night.

  • Size matters, choose a sleepingsack size which is closer to your babies age range so they don’t land up wiggling further into the bag. At Tickle Tickle our sleeping bags come with adjustable length snap fasteners that lets the bag grow along with your little one.

  • Don’t forget to get a sleeping bag that has bottom zips! It’s a life saver when you need to change a nappy in the middle of the night without waking the baby.

Choose organic lightweight cotton #sleepingbags for choice of better fabrics without harmful chemicals.

Organic Cotton also makes sure there is good air circulation between the fibers and good moisture evacuation, which limits the excessive perspiration so frequent in babies and very often responsible for many night awakenings.

Nap a Lil’ sleeping bag range is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Its also a myth that sleeping bags are only meant for babies. Upto to the age of 3 years kids undergo plenty of developmental milestones and need a familiar routine to help them settle down at bed time. Sleeping bags ensure they get that comfort and cues for sleep time much faster.

It also helps them stay in bed longer and not wiggle their way out of their cots earlier than wake up time.

We encourage parents to use sleeping bags as long as possible for a healthier sleep routine and positive sleep association, hence at Tickle Tickle we have developed bags in three size to accommodate babies and toddlers right from 3 months upto 3 years.


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