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Winter Essentials with Tickle Tickle

Baby is cold outside and inside!

’Tis the best season for UAE folks and we love winter in this region.

The weather calls for long park strolls with cool winds in the morning and evening and plenty of sunshine during the day.

We really look forward to winters as it is such a relief after the long sunny summer months - but it is also always a dilemma of how to dress your little tickles and what you should buy.

As parents, we want to make sure they are not cold, and tend to overlay at time, leaving our babies irritable and uncomfortable as their movements are restricted.

It is really important to first understand that babies can't regulate their temperature.

By knowing this, and by dressing your baby mindfully, will mean you are helping to regulate their temperature in the first few months of life. Did you know that a baby uses a lot of energy trying to keep itself warm? When a baby is kept at its optimal temperature, it is likely to feel comfortable and stay content during the day, and sleep better at night.

Where do you start?

Dressing for winter is important, but avoid dressing your little one in a thick piece of clothing - think layers!

Dressing your child in layers means that the warmth becomes trapped. By layering the baby, you are helping to keep your little one warm and effectively insulated.

Always invest in essentials that will last through seasons!

The common perception in the UAE is to buy lots of sweaters and winter clothing that not only lasts just a season but makes your baby feel too hot and uncomfortable to move. Buying onesies, all season zipups should be on the top of the list , as it lets their skin breathe and the stretch allows mobility.

The power of a Onesie!

Don’t underestimate this little piece of clothing. It is a cosy wrap that sits firmly around their tiny bodies trapping the right amount of heat to stay warm.

Our kimono style snap button onesies makes dressing and undressing so much easier and the soft organic fabric is easy to wash and wear.

They also make great innerwear when you just want to throw on a jacket and pair of pants for the outdoors.

The perfect play and sleep outfit - Zipup Sleepsuits!

Now this is one essential item that we highly recommend you invest in!

Not only is it perfect for sleep and short naps, but also a great outfit to lounge and play in at home.

Winter mornings can be chilly and you don’t need to change them for a quick morning walk. Our zipups come with foldover feet that can be used to keep their feet warm and toasty when you're strolling around your community.

Made with soft #organiccotton , they have the right stretch that sits close to the skin and yet gives them room to wiggle around thanks to our generous sizing.

They have full sleeves keeping the arms and legs covered even during naps to help your little one stay cosy.

The zipup feature is a best seller for moms who want to keep things quick at nappy changing time!

Adding our onesies as a layer inside is always a good call if you know its going to be chilly, as it can also be easily folded and popped into the diaper bag if you don’t want to risk a sudden change in weather.

The good news is, our zipups are not just for babies and they can be found in sizes from newborn upto 3 years.

Blankets for a cosy stroll.

Don’t let the weather make you feel that your baby is going to feel too cold and uneasy. Children love the outdoors and all the elements that nature provides for free play.

We highly recommend investing in @babyrocks handmade blankets to keep your little one protected from sudden winds or blast of cold air from air-conditioning that you find at malls. They are always kept low and freezing which makes your little one feel restless and cranky.

These faux fur fabric #handmadeblankets are the softest your every going to find, are also the perfect size for newborns to toddlers, and also light-weight and easy to pack into your diaper bag. They also come in the cutest prints and are curated in soft color hues.

Sleep Soundly in our Sleeping Bags:

There is always a mama instinct that sits in your head at night, to check if your baby is warm enough or if the blanket has not been kicked off, thus exposing its feet to cold.

By using a #sleepingbag you can leave this worry behind as your baby’s body temperature is going to stay regulated all through the night.

It is also highly recommended as a safety measure to not use blankets or covers and rather have them sleep soundly in a sleeping bag.

Our organic cotton sleeping sacks are designed in 1.0 Tog so that you can freely layer your baby inside if you feel it's getting too cold. By using other thick TOG sleeping bags you might risk the change of your little tickle overheating.

Our bags have plenty of room to allow movement and they also come with size adjustable buttons if you want to shorten the length while they sleep.

Find them in size right from 3 months upto 3 years on our website.

Accessories to keep warm.

It is important to pay extra attention to cold hands, faces, and feet and making sure you have a convenient pouch to carry them on the go.

A handmade Diaper Pouch!

Struggling to carry your baby in one arm while trying to grab the diapers, wipes, nappy cream, the portable changing mat with the other…?

The BabyRoc Diaper Pouch is a baby essential to make your life easier while traveling. It’s divided into two wide compartments to make it easier to organize the diapers as well as the wipes in separate sections. Separate compartment to store the wipes and handing them out without having it to fully open the package. And last but not least, it includes a portable waterproof changing mat so your baby will always be on a clean surface while the nappy is changed.

Your newborn will lose a good percentage of its body heat from the head. We recommend using baby winter clothes such as our Baby Beanie & Mittens. Cosy enough to keep little heads and toes toasty thanks to our super soft, stretchy, breathable and thermoregulating jersey knit fabric.


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